Perception Wide Format Turns to Perception Wide Format for Wall Art Solution

When, an eCommerce seller of wall art, wall décor, premium cards, labels and other personalized products was looking for an eco friendly, removable wall material, Perception Wide Format had the solution. Most products don’t meet the high eco standards of’s philosophy of sustainability. “Vinyl wall materials are the industry’s workhorse product, but they are petroleum based products that aren’t eco-friendly.  Our customers want products that not only look good, but that are good for the environment,” said Christopher Wu, CEO and co-founder of

At the core of their mission is to use sustainable materials and to actively contribute to improving the environment. “By using eco-conscious materials we minimize our environmental footprint and we do our little part to improve the environment by planting a tree with every order” said Wu. “In addition, to fulfill our quality promise we hold our substrates to very high standards.”

Perception Wide Format, unlike any other, manufactures fabric based products for this industry. By eliminating the vinyl base aspect, Perception could offer a removable wall graphic fabric with an eco-friendly, green attribute. “We liked the fabric based product, because it’s the industry’s first 100% recycled eco-friendly, repositional wall graphic fabric. This allows our users to easily remove it, at will.  Perception will cut on demand with a sharp and clean edge profile where other products frayed,” said Wu. The first product Perception presented to wasn’t a recycled product. Although it was better than a vinyl based product, it still wasn’t quite what was looking for. So, true to form - that is - Perception’s highly customizable approach to its customers, the company produced PhotoFAB  eco friendly, 100% recycled wide format fabric material to meet’s needs.  “This is a thicker, heavier product compared to the other products out there,” said Wu. “When you pick it up, it has a particular weight to it. Some people like a thin, low profile product but our company prefers a thicker quality peel. We don’t want the wall art to be compromised in any way due to wind or other similar conditions. The thicker fabric holds itself better than the thinner fabrics,” he said. also liked the breathability feature which allows air to escape during application. With vinyl products, the user is often forced to continually push the bubbles out of the material to ensure a smooth, wrinkle-free fit.

Being one of the industry’s boutique companies, it can be challenging for because vendors aren’t always able to cater to their special needs. “We’re often the small fish in the big pond,” said Wu. “We represent the niche side versus the mass market side. We’re not a Shutterfly, buying truck loads of product so our orders wouldn’t typically justify running a custom order from the manufacturer’s viewpoint.” Jim Tufts, Business Unit Manager from Perception worked with Wu to provide the ideal product; a custom made product of 100 % post-consumer recycled content fabric product. Tufts, along with Perception’s research and development technicians teamed up with Wu and his team to create and fabricate the ideal fabric product. “Each step got us closer to where we wanted to be. They were the only vendor we came across that was willing to make the investment for us,” said Wu.

“The people at Perception have been fantastic to work with, particularly since we’re not the ‘deep pocket’ caller on the other end of the phone. In my previous positions at Yahoo and Hewlett Packard, people tended to take my calls. However, in this case, as the smaller, non-publically traded company, one really sees how a supplier truly operates, based upon whether or not they’re willing to be flexible and take some risks. Perception is one of those companies. The secret sauce for us is this new eco fabric and it’s one of the areas in which Perception help set us apart from competitors. We’re really happy to be working with them,” said Wu.