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Snapden Photo Booths Designs Flagship Kiosk Model Around DNP DS40 Dye-sublimation Printer

What started as a simple photo booth rental company just over three years ago, Denver-based Snapden Photo Booths has transformed into an innovative manufacturing and sales based business. Founded in 2010, the company was started by three engineers determined to develop a photo kiosk unlike any of its predecessors. In need of an alternative printing solution that offered more reliable and efficient printing for their flagship Firefly Photo Module, the company turned to DNP’s DS40 dye-sublimation printer.

Snapden’s first generation photo kiosk was well received as a creative alternative to traditional photo booths. However, the engineering minds behind the company knew the model had to be redesigned to become smaller and more portable for event applications. Since then the Snapden team has refined every aspect of their flagship Photo Module through countless redesigns. In December 2013 Snapden released its 4th Generation Photo Module – nicknamed the Firefly for its internal color-changing LED Glow system.

“We developed our fourth-generation Firefly with an extremely small footprint so we could only design around one internal printer,” commented Kalvis Jaunarajs, Owner of Snapden Photo Booths. “Our previous printing solution was not as durable or technically efficient as we hoped. After testing several products and speaking with our support team at Imaging Spectrum we decided on the DNP DS40 printer, which has become a core component of our kiosks.”

Snapden photo kiosks feature two options for printing: Internally, which features a printer installed within the kiosk that produces images on the spot; and externally, which features an external printer for event applications. “We’ve found that printing externally cuts down on wait times and increases workflow,” stated Jaunarajs. “The DS40 is capable of producing 4”x 6” images very quickly so customers are able to pick up their photos from an external area while the next group is in the booth.”

Another important feature of the Firefly Photo Module is its ability to match the aesthetics of any event with its internal color-changing LED Glow system. The system can also be paired with a DJ to produce a custom light pattern to music.

Snapden recently introduced a new product line called Printer Skins, which are unique printer covers for the DS40 that features a white base material and several colorful side plate options to ensure every aspect of the Firefly Photo Module can be paired with any color scheme. “We realized that many of our customers print externally with the DS40. We developed the Printer Skins to offer our clients a completely customizable kiosk that can match the aesthetics of any event,” explained Jaunarajs.

Commenting on the DS40’s capabilities, Jaunarajs said, “This printer is an extremely durable piece of hardware in which our clients have seen minimal downtime to the point where their bottom lines will increase. DNP’s DS40 has undoubtedly made the fourth-generation Firefly the best yet.”

For more information on Snapden Photo Booths, please visit: www.snapdenphotobooths.com