Lightweight Paper Performance Package

For lightweight paper, lower stability means that substrates cannot run reliably through the press if the speed is too high. And while printing must be done at the highest speeds allowable, the possibilities of curling, creasing, wrinkles, dogeared corners and small tears can pose constant threats to product quality.

For printing companies which process a relatively high proportion of their jobs on lightweight paper, these constraints can be problematic.

Manroland Sheetfed’s ‘Lightweight Paper Performance Package’ solves lightweight paper printing constraints with ease.

Among Manroland’s five specialist Performance Packages is its Lightweight Paper Package, which offers an easy solution to the quality constraints in the printing of lightweight paper.

With integration of special antistatic equipment and air supply systems, this package, optimizes sheet separation and sheet feeding, delivery, increasing the printing speed of the press, while also reducing or even avoiding press stoppages altogether.

It provides straight-edged delivery stacks to help increase productivity in the finishing operations. QuickChange Air offers the further benefit of allowing operators to adjust air settings during job change-over.

A series of extensive tests has shown that the Manroland Lightweight Paper Performance Package enables 40-60 g/m2 lightweight paper to be processed at
speeds of 15,000 sheets per hour and higher, increasing average production output by 25 percent and more.

This highly popular Lightweight Paper Performance Package, can be installed on ROLAND 700 HiPrint, ROLAND 700 HiPrint HS and ROLAND 700 DirectDrive. If the constraints of printing are a concern, the Lightweight Performance Package provided by Manroland Sheetfed is the printer’s ideal choice.