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GMG Color Leads Fogra 'Printing the Expected - Textile' Challenge

GMG has achieved the top ranking in Fogra’s recent ‘Printing the expected – Textile!’ proofing challenge.

Color management in the textile print industry increasingly relevant

The importance of color management within the textile digital printing industry is growing in significance as this market develops. In this sector the tightest tolerances in color accuracy and consistency from the design to the delivery of the final product are particularly important.

As a result Fogra, along with the German Fashion Institute, decided to challenge proofing solution providers during the recent “Colour-Management-Symposium” in Munich. As part of the ‘Printing the expected – Textile’ Challenge, companies had to prepare proofs for four fabric samples. The proofs had to deliver an optimal average simulation of the fabric samples under three different types of light: Artificial light (A), Daylight (D65) and Store light (TL84).

Six companies took part in the challenge, delivering more than a dozen versions of proofs to Fogra for analysis. The anonymous evaluation of the proofs included a visual assessment by an independent panel and measurement of the CIELAB2000 color difference between the original samples and their simulations for each type of light. Both the measured color correlation and visual assessment resulted in the selection of GMG proofs as the most accurate color reproduction for all samples.