Benson Replaces Offset Presses with HP Indigo 10000 to Expand Offerings for Real Estate Clients

HP today announced that Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions completed installation of the 29-inch wide HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, transitioning to an all HP digital printing facility in order to expand its offerings for its real estate clients. 

Servicing the multifamily industry since 1992, the Atlanta-based company collaborates with more than 6,000 real estate communities nationwide, providing everything from branded sales literature and pocket folders to signage and building wraps. Approximately 60 percent of Benson’s weekly print jobs placed through its online marketing store are short-run, on-demand projects that require quick turnaround and high-quality color.  

Abandoning its offset print technology for the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press expands Benson’s digital capacity, addressing the need for efficiency and variability. Currently, the company also operates several HP large-format printers, including the HP Scitex FB700 and Designjet Z2100.

“Our job mix is no longer conducive for offset printing. Replacing our offset presses with the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press allows us to offer more options to our clients and produce more sheets per hour at a lower cost per copy,” said Brian Benson, CEO and founder, Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions. “The HP Indigo 10000 is the only digital press available that provides enhanced productivity, substrate versatility and offset matching quality — all critical to growing our business.”

The HP Indigo 10000 is an easy fit for existing offset users like Benson, printing large volumes of high-value pages and a wide variety of applications. Benson will leverage the 29-inch format to produce six page brochures, pocket folders, customized direct mail pieces and wall-size posters. Additionally, HP Indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology offers the widest digital color gamut with up to seven ink stations.

With print speeds of up to 3,450 sheets per hour in full color and up to 4,600 sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode, the HP Indigo 10000 delivers at least two and a half times the productivity of any digital sheet-fed press in the market today, while supporting production of virtually any commercial print application.

“The HP Indigo 10000 facilitates quick ramp up time and allows us to streamline bulk printing using the hot folder feature, bringing efficiencies to our production 24 hours a day with virtually no human interference. Therefore, we’re reducing a significant amount of labor hours each month,” said Benson.