Sawgrass Technologies

Sawgrass Technologies & Kiian Group Sign New License Agreement for Sublimation Technology

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc., and Kiian Group of Italy have entered into a new long term license agreement under which Kiian, as an authorized Sawgrass licensee, will continue to sell digital inks for sublimation imaging.

Sawgrass is an industry leading developer of breakthrough printing technologies. Kiian is a leading global supplier of high quality, sustainable specialty products that provide unique printing solutions for the graphic, textile and industrial markets. Kiian has been selling digital sublimation ink as a Sawgrass licensee for more than a decade.

The Sawgrass patent portfolio has expanded considerably in the last decade with more than 160 patents globally. Kiian has extensively evaluated the Sawgrass global patent portfolio and signed a new license agreement which allows them to continue to legally sell dye sublimation ink with printers having a carriage width greater than 42 inches.

"Kiian has been a very successful global leader with sublimation and decided to continue as a licensee with the broader range of Sawgrass patents," said Dennis Wilby, President of the Kiian Group. He added, "We value the relationship with Sawgrass and look forward to another decade of successful market expansion."

Nathan Hale, CEO of Sawgrass Technologies, said, "Kiian was one of our first licensees and is recognized as a highly successful manufacturer of a wide range of inks for graphics and textiles. We are very pleased to have a world class company like Kiian enter into this new license agreement as a further validation of our growing intellectual property portfolio and as a confirmation our ongoing cooperation in offering the highest quality sublimation technology to the industry."