IDEAlliance White Paper Addresses New Publishing Ecosystem of Digital Magazines

IDEAlliance has released an industry white paper, OpenEFT: What It Is and Why It Matters, explaining the IDEAlliance open specification that addresses the publishing ecosystem that typifies today’s digital magazines. The introduction of touch-based smartphones and tablets–combined with the rise of Internet-centric content, and a corresponding decline in print, has disrupted publishing supply chains. With this disruption, the initial costs of operating effective workflows are high, and the potential for revenue is elusive. The 15-page white paper, authored by John Parsons, Principal of IntuIdeas LLC, examines how publishers of all sizes can cope with present technologies and move towards a better, more profitable technology mix. The white paper is available for download, HERE.

In response to queries from across the industry about OpenEFT, the open specification magazine publishing format posted for industry use in September 2013, IDEAlliance developed this white paper to provide the industry with a knowledgeable perspective on what OpenEFT is and where it fits within the new publishing landscape,” said David Steinhardt, President and CEO of IDEAlliance.

As tablet and smartphone apps have increased in importance, magazine publishers have expressed a desire for a truly open interoperability specification. Magazines are a complex combination of content, design, reader experience, and economic models–none of which can be completely satisfied by a single proprietary format or device. For publishers dealing with the burdens of ever-multiplying and changing mobile devices, open standards offer a greater economic benefit, providing businesses and consumers with much greater freedom of choice.