Visual Magnetics

Nooka Zonal at Wanted Design 2014

ZONAL– Extending the Body and Mind is an exhibition curated by Matthew Waldman of NOOKA and Marc Thorpe of Marc Thorpe Design to showcase the NOOKA design philosophy of optimistic technofuturism.

NOOKA champions the universal language of form. Best known for their innovative time pieces and accessories, NOOKA is excited to present the perfect merger of fashion and technology. Learn more about NOOKA at

Taking inspiration from the vedic chakras, the ZONAL exhibition will feature designs for one of the seven zones, starting in the human body and extending it to the world. Each designer is assigned a zone for which they will design a corresponding product. The resulting show will become an exhibition debuting at the WantedDesign show in New York City from May 16-19, 2014. The look of the exhibit will be transformed each day by materials innovation company Visual Magnetics