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International Paper Creates Art from Chaos at HOW LIVE 2014

International Paper is showcasing how art and technology collaborate beautifully during the HOW LIVE 2014 Conference. On display at International Paper’s booth 707 during the conference is Senseless Drawing Bot, a battery powered robot with a pendulum arm that creates one-of-a-kind works of art using innovative sugar-based spray paint. Fortunate event attendees selected at random will leave the event with one of a kind art creations designed on Accent Opaque paper.

At HOW LIVE 2014 International Paper takes guests through the journey of innovation. Many breakthroughs first begin as sketches or thoughts on paper and go on to give birth to world-changing inventions or initiatives. Senseless Drawing Bot is an expression of the relationship between paper and technology—a piece of technology that returns the favor of inspiration back to paper. Through randomized motions captured on archival quality ACCENT® OPAQUE 120lb Cover paper (16pt caliper), Senseless Drawing Bot creates completely unique works of art.

Senseless Drawing Bot was born in a workshop in 2011 by artists So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi as an artistic exploration of some of the same questions posed by contemporary artists like Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. Does art spring from rationality or emotion? What relationship does art have to chaos? Though literally mindless and thoughtless, Senseless Drawing Bot nonetheless captures the power of randomness to create unique works of art.

In order to be entered to win one of the exclusive pieces of art, conference attendees only need their smart phones. Simply take a picture of any part of the IP booth, mention @IPBooth707 when posting the picture on Instagram, and they will have a chance to be selected. Forty winners per day will be randomly chosen and notified via @IPBooth707 on Instagram.

No purchase necessary to enter or win.  Visit International Paper’s booth 707 during the conference for full details. To watch a live feed of the events going on at booth 707 visit Accent is a registered trademark of International Paper Company.