Muller Martini Corp.

Web Offset is the Ideal Solution for Pharmaceutical Printing

100% reliability is the top priority when it comes to the production of packing slips for pharmaceutical products. With the Concepta and Alprinta web printing presses, Muller Martini meets all reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness requirements, as was clearly demonstrated at its open house event and at Pharma Day one week later at the Print Technology Center in Maulburg.

From a single missing pixel through an incorrect number to a color deviation, even the smallest printing error on packing slips for pharmaceutical products can be disastrous.

That is why 100% reliability is crucial for pharmaceutical printing. The Concepta and Alprinta web printing presses from Muller Martini are equipped with a control system that guarantees 100% reliability, and boast high printing quality, simple product handling and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

More Cost-Effective

Web offset satisfies the strict reliability requirements for pharmaceutical packing slips because the front and back of the product is printed in one pass, whereas two passes are typically required in sheet-fed offset. The production speed achieved is somewhat higher than in sheet-fed offset, which translates to higher profitability. In addition, rolls are cheaper to purchase than signatures and require less space for handling and logistics. The web offset printing mode also lends itself to bible paper, which is used, for example, for packing slips in the pharmaceutical industry. The Concepta and Alprinta from Muller Martini can process bible paper weighing as little as 28 grams.

Meeting Customer Needs

The printing presses from Muller Martini optimally prepare the print finishing of products inline thanks to fan folding, trimming and brick stacking of signatures, and roll delivery for small, large or individually trimmed roller tracks.

The warehouses of end customers are being minimized for cost reasons, so run sizes in pharmaceutical printing are increasingly small and delivery deadlines ever tighter. That means printing plants need to produce even more quickly and flexibly. In addition to high production speeds, the CIP connection to pre-press ensures efficient changeovers. Moreover, machine settings are saved for repeat jobs, guaranteeing quick size changeovers with minimal production waste.

Modular Design Creates Flexibility

Thanks to their modular design - enabling up to twelve offset towers and the integration of flexo, screen and digital printing - the offset printing presses from Muller Martini enable not only tailored solutions for pharmaceutical printing, but also for the entire paper market (security printing, forms, mail shots, and commercial work). The printing press offers almost unlimited possibilities thanks to insert changes not requiring the use of any tool and the integration of special aggregates in inline finishing.