Trans-Lux Corporation

Trans-Lux Announces LED Lighting Partnership Initiative with Independent Stationers

Trans-Lux Corporation (TLX) has announced a partnership initiative with Independent Stationers to advance sales of TL Energy LED lighting solutions. The collaboration provides Independent Stationers members with a full service LED lighting solution to integrate into their own facilities, and to offer to their customer base.

Independent Stationers, the industry’s most progressive independent dealer group, is a leader in providing value-added programs and services to its members. Locally owned and operated, Independent Stationers members utilize common merchandizing and marketing to aggregate the collective strength of the organization.

“Today’s business environment needs reliable and convenient access to cost-effective LED lighting solutions,” said J.M. Allain, President and Chief Executive Officer, Trans-Lux. “By aligning ourselves with Independent Stationers, we’ve created an unrivaled solution that combines the customer service and agility of a local office supply business with the quality and performance of TL Energy’s LED lighting solutions.”

TL Energy LED lighting solutions provide a unique combination of highly efficient indoor and outdoor LED lighting products and programs that dramatically reduce energy bills while reducing a facility’s carbon footprint. The innovative turnkey program includes: project management, survey configurations and engineering recommendations, rebates and incentives, removal and disposal of existing lighting, LED light bulb installation, ongoing maintenance and support. The savings provided from TL Energy LED lighting solutions typically result in significant reductions in energy costs that are more than sufficient to cover the cost of the LED lighting conversion in a relatively short period, with tremendous long-term savings.

“We are pleased to offer TL Energy LED Lighting solutions from Trans-Lux as it provides an immediate entry into the rapidly expanding LED lighting market for Independent Stationers,” said Scott Zintz, National Account Business Development Manager and Sustainability Strategist for Independent Stationers. “We believe this is a high growth market and are excited to provide cost savings programs to our Independent Stationers members and their customer base. The full service program offered by TL Energy allows Independent Stationers members to present a cost saving solution to their customers without having to become experts in the lighting industry.”