Trinity Graphic

Trinity Graphic Launches New Company Branding And Printing Services

Trinity Graphic has announced the launching of new company branding in conjunction with a series of new company products and services.

According to company spokesman, Trinity Graphic VP of Sales & Marketing, Greg Barba, the image enhancement—along with a significant investment in some of  the latest printing technologies—is part of taking the Florida-based company in a different direction.

This diversification of the company and restructured business model will allow Trinity Graphic to more effectively answer current customers’ constantly changing needs, as well as offer a wider range of printing services to potential corporate clients.

Mr. Barba said,  “We’re proud to unveil the change in company branding that incorporates the launching of our new Company Logo, website, and Marketing Campaign which outlines the new direction and products (such as “Expressions”—our new digitally printed wallcoverings) offered by our skilled and experienced team.”

The new branding and website went live on June 3, 2014. The additional product and service offerings, along with the new marketing campaign, will launch on June 9, 2014.