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Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT) Updates

In its ongoing efforts to improve the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT), GreenBlue recently completed the first phase developing an EPAT prototype. The development includes an updated list of key performance indicators, an improved user interface, and plans to integrate EPAT with other GreenBlue tools in the future. The prototype is the response to suggestions by current and potential EPAT users in surveys and interviews conducted last fall.

The new prototype strengthens EPAT's underlying concept as an online tool for buyers and suppliers of paper products to collect and share meaningful and consistent sustainability performance data of paper products. New features will include an enhanced buyer report page, a supplier's ability to view their own mill performance data against industry averages, and other interface developments that will make EPAT an even more intuitive sustainability data sharing platform. If you would like to help test the prototype please contact Eric DesRoberts.