Doxee and StraatuS Launch Cloud-based CCM-as-a-Service Offering

Doxee and StraatuS have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to launch the first ever Customer Communication Management-as-a-Service offering for the North American enterprise market.

Enterprises generating large scale outbound customer communication, such as banks, insurance companies, financial service providers, utilities, governments and print service bureaus, now have an option to acquire end-to-end customer communication and document production capabilities on a SaaS subscription basis. This includes data management, document composition, batch and on-demand production, document archival, tracking, reporting and business analytics dashboarding services.

“With this partnership, we aim to revolutionize the enterprise communications market, providing marketing and IT managers a flexible, cost-effective, pure SaaS option for Customer Communication Management”, said Jay Ainslie, General Manager of Doxee USA Inc. “We consider the launch of our CCM-as-a-Service portfolio of solutions to be as groundbreaking and market disruptive an event as the launch of was for the CRM market 15 years ago”.

Terry Wieczorek, President and CEO of StraatuS, commented on the importance of this partnership: “Until now, enterprises with complex CCM needs had two choices: purchase an expensive on-premise solution, that requires a lengthy installation period and steep learning curve involving a large amount of internal resources, or engage a systems integrator that will piece together a solution using multiple products and custom code that will prove to be inflexible, cost inefficient, and difficult to migrate away from”.

“The combination of the StraatuS and Doxee solutions provides enterprises with an alternative that is a radical departure from the legacy approach”, Wieczorek stated. “This partnership offers the proven suite of communication products from Doxee, operating in the StraatuS-powered SaaS infrastructure, hosted in a certified and secure data center. Organizations can now experience the faster time to market, web enabled functionality, and a 'pay as you go' service model that only a SaaS-based CCM product can provide”.

Innovative developments, such as Interactive Documents, Campaign Management and Self-Serve CCM, will further enhance the value of this new offering from Doxee and StraatuS. Interactive features enrich documents with custom hyperlinks, action buttons, graphs and interactive charts whereas self-serve option allows business users to launch highly effective marketing campaigns without the need of technical expertise.