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Dscoop Ships First "Tell Your Story Sales Program" Premium Kits

Dscoop shipped the first printed copies of its new Tell Your Story Sales Program to members last week. The program, launched at the Dscoop9 conference and built by HP, gives HP Indigo customers the tools they need to successfully engage with brand owners, agencies and the creative community through marketing activities such as open houses, direct marketing, lunch and learns, and in-person events. The program is a compilation of best practices gathered by HP over the course of nearly a year working with their customers around the world. By enabling Dscoop members to showcase their capabilities in new ways, the program aims to increase the print marketplace by increasing interest in HP digital print as a key component of integrated marketing campaigns.

HP has successfully engaged with end users directly through a variety of programs in the past several years, and the Tell Your Story Sales Program leverages that messaging to help Dscoop members increase their businesses. The program consists of a roadmap that helps printers make the most of their customer touch points by elevating their story and the brand stories of their customers through HP digital printing.

The Tell Your Story Program has been added to Dscoop’s global business tools portfolio which also delivers the Signature Sample Series, Print Directory, and Customer Marketing Content newsletters to members. The Tell Your Story program provides members cutting-edge sales materials that include Four Detailed Guides (included with membership), printed samples, a turnkey marketing campaign, four on-demand Dscoop University courses, and 100+ proven digital assets - PowerPoint presentations, videos, talk tracks, case studies, signage, and more. Components provide all materials needed for a multi-touch marketing campaign and hosting an in-person customer event, from the planning stage through sales conversion and lead tracking. Current members of Dscoop will receive the Tell Your Story Sales Program roadmap as an included benefit in their initial membership dues. Non-members with HP Indigo presses will also be able to purchase the kit.

As the voice of the digital print industry, Dscoop continues to work with HP to deliver tools that help members educate brand owners, marketers and creatives on the power of HP Digital Print.

Digital print leaves an indelible impact and is a necessity in every marketing and advertising campaign. HP digital printing allows marketers and creatives to use this medium like never before, making it more impactful and memorable while maximizing ROMI. Dscoop is committed to leading our industry by helping members educate their customers on the capabilities and value of digital print. With more than 10 years of proven industry leadership, Dscoop is helping members be the driving force for growth in the industry.

Dscoop members can now purchase the full “Tell Your Story Sales Program” sales kit by visiting at Dscoop.org\TellYourStory. Qualifying non-members may purchase the kit and receive the full benefits of Dscoop membership for one year.