Miller Weldmaster Corp

Miller Weldmaster Kicks Off Indiana Roadshow with Trivantage

It is summertime, and Miller Weldmaster soon will be hitting the road for a new Miller Roadshow in the American Midwest. Miller Weldmaster will be away for a week in northeastern Indiana with Trivantage, a global supplier of specialty fabrics and hardware used in various end-customer products. Together, both companies will be showcasing Miller Weldmaster’s efficacy in manufacturing fabric product as well as the end-customer product quality offered by Trivantage.

The Miller Roadshow is one extension of how Miller Weldmaster demonstrates its manufacturing systems to customers. It is a traveling roadshow that goes straight to the customer and has the resources necessary for providing machine demonstrations on-site. At this particular event, customers will be able to test their industrial fabric on the machines and see the benefits of the machines firsthand. 

“We’re looking forward to giving our customers this opportunity for truly hands-on experience with the machine systems we offer. We’re privileged to be joined by Trivantage, as it’s a company driven by customer-minded service and quality products,” said Jeannette Hendrickson, Marketing Manager for Miller Weldmaster. “Event updates can be readily found on our new company blog.”

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