International Paper Company

International Paper Announces Release of New Accent Opaque Swatch Book in Conjunction with a New Accent Opaque Warm White Promotion

International Paper (NYSE: IP) launched a new swatch book as part of its latest Accent Opaque Warm White Promotion. This print promotion challenges designers and printers to be part of the A-List, a select group of image-conscious industry leaders who will use Accent Opaque to enhance their projects and ultimately their status within their business circles.

Inspired by imagery and promotional catalogs commonly found within the fashion industry, Accent challenged the status quo by creating an alluring warmth that enables flesh tones to radiate; by aligning new combinations of color tones that live more fittingly on the page; and by providing rich, full-coverage imagery and open,  warm white spaces made lavish simply by the paper itself.

“It’s no accident that we chose a fashion theme for this promotion,” said Ray Rabbitt, Director, Merchant & Printing Sales. “Accent is an ideal choice for projects where the image on the page is a direct representation of what is being marketed or sold.”

The new Accent Opaque swatch book created for the promotion was designed to highlight this quality. A sample of every sheet within the portfolio—from virgin to recycled, standard to digital, text to cover, vellum to smooth to super smooth, white to warm white—has been included to allow design leaders to choose the exact combination for their particular project needs.

The design of the Accent Opaque piece takes the swatch book into new territory. Not only does it include a blank side that allows designers and printers to admire the paper in its natural opaque state, it also includes a printed sample to allow readers to appreciate the print quality inherent in the product.

“Our challenge was a bit unique, “said Jeff Hester, Marketing Manager. “ The Accent Portfolio is an ever-growing collection of premium opaques for both traditional and digital printers. Having a single resource to provide an overview of them all meant we needed to be non-traditional. This swatch book was a departure for us from our historical designs.”

Hester went on to say that the unique 8.25” by 2.75” layout of the swatch book would give readers a sizable, but manageable sample of each item. He also discussed the benefits of the corner grommet binding technique, which allows viewers to fan through the pages with ease. “It’s not necessarily a first of its kind configuration,” Hester said, “but one that serves this piece very well.”