Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Announces the Availability of TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates in Latin America

Kodak, a leader in digital plates and CTP solutions, has announced that its TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plate will now be available in Latin America. Print service providers utilizing TRILLIAN SP Plates enjoy elite levels of productivity, efficiency and total-cost effectiveness, as well as a substantial reduction in chemistry compared to previous plate systems from Kodak.

While TRILLIAN SP Plates reduce total cost of ownership, they also enable environmental benefits by using significantly less chemistry. In addition, printers can eliminate preheat ovens and potentially postbake ovens, even for lengthy jobs in harsh chemical environments.

TRILLIAN SP Plates are widely compatible with existing CTP and processing equipment such as KODAK TRENDSETTER, MAGNUS and ACHIEVE Platesetters, and they enable easy processor cleaning. TRILLIAN SP Plates are ideal for a variety of applications, including small and large commercial sheetfed and commercial publication applications, certain heatset web, offset packaging and UV print applications.

Additionally, the plates provide wide latitude for increased stability of short and long-run AM and FM applications, with up to 500,000 impressions unbaked and 125,000 impressions for UV applications.

TRILLIAN SP Plates also contribute sustainability benefits as they use up to 70 percent less chemistry than previous plate systems to significantly reduce chemistry, storage and disposal costs. TRILLIAN SP Plates use a low replenishment plate solution that delivers longer processing cycles.  It also reduces chemistry consumption and generated waste to help printers minimize their environmental impact while also reducing their costs.