Zund America, Inc.

Hammerer Planen GmbH Invests in Zund for Quality, Flexibility, and Customer Proximity

Hammerer Planen GmbH is an Austrian family business with 18 employees across two locations. The company specializes in producing and delivering premium customized tarpaulin solutions, which include vehicle covers, leisure and circus tents, pool covers, crash protection for ski slopes, technical hose covers and bespoke membrane constructions for architects. The company’s customer base comprise the industrial, commercial and leisure markets, with the majority based in German-speaking countries, Norway, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

As part of its continuous investment program to optimize its production processes, Hammerer Planen purchased a high performance cutting solution from Zünd to automate its previously manual, step-by-step process of drawing, making holes and cutting. “This investment saves us costs, reduces processing time and enables a high degree of reproducible precision,” commented Herbert Hammerer, Managing Director. “Specifically, it allows us to be much more competitive in the vehicle tarpaulin market and offer tailored products to our customers.”

Hammerer Planen worked closely with Zünd to procure a custom solution, which consists of an automated roll-off unit and a Zünd cutter, and was immediately able to widen its service range. Herbert Hammerer continues: “With the cutting solution from Zünd and the roll-off unit, we can now deliver freeform applications that we were previously not able to produce competitively due to technical limitations. Building covers, which don’t conform to a specific template, are a good example.”

The Zünd cutter and automated roll-off unit are both easy and intuitive to use. The CAD/CAM allows digital customer data to easily be entered and processed automatically, without any adjustments needed, while the integrated software option to digitize any contours via the camera makes the reuse of existing templates child's play.

Herbert Hammerer summarized the company’s reason for choosing Zünd for this investment: “Zünd’s customized technical solution for rolling-off the material, its precise cutting results, its tried, tested and technically mature cutter, as well as our geographical proximity to our Zünd supplier, have all contributed massively to our purchasing decision.”