Canon Solutions America Invites Business Leaders to take the Productivity Challenge

Canon Solutions America, Inc. has released the Productivity Challenge, a web-based document workflow assessment tool that can help business leaders gain insight into how well their current processes are performing. Developed in collaboration with InfoTrends, a leading industry research and analyst firm, users respond to a series of questions that are measured against industry benchmarks and best practices as born out of various analyses, desk research, and multi-client studies conducted by InfoTrends.

The Productivity Challenge addresses document workflow in five key areas: Document Management, Document Distribution, Print Management, Accounts Payable, and Sustainability. Composed of two levels, the Basic Productivity Challenge offers a high-level view for users who want a quick assessment of their organization’s benchmark against industry optimized averages, while the Ultimate Challenge provides a more in-depth and detailed view that returns a comprehensive ROI in the final results output.  The user receives a score for their performance in each respective category and then a combined total score which is predicated on a measurement against industry analytics and best practices that are validated by InfoTrends research.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to help organizations optimize their business processes and help them to succeed in achieving their goals,” said Tracie Sokol, vice president of Marketing, Enterprise Services and Solutions, Canon Solutions America. “Taking the Productivity Challenge will provide any company with a better understanding of their current document workflow and offer tips and next steps towards improvement in the areas that need it most. Bringing costs in line and increasing worker productivity can mean the difference in just striving or really thriving in business today.”

You can take the Productivity Challenge by visiting or via Canon Solutions America’s newly redesigned website. The Productivity Challenge is insightful, revealing and well supported with a knowledge library that includes comprehensive white papers on each of the areas covered.