GRACoL 2013 Compliant Inkjet Proofing Media Available through CMA Imaging Distribution Partner Legion Paper

CMA Imaging has announced a strategic distribution relationship with Legion Paper. With this partnership in place, Matchprint, and other proofing users, can now order GRACoL 2013 compliant proofing paper and original media through Legion directly through its brand new online portal:, or via traditional Legion dealer channels.

The announcement comes on the heels of CMA Imaging's news that it is the first Contract Proofing System to be certified to GRACoL 2013 with M1 Measurement in the IDEAlliance Proofing System Certification Program.

CMA Imaging and Legion Paper: Years of Combined Expertise 

Legion Paper is one of CMA Imaging's most important distribution arms as the largest fine art paper supplier in the world, serving 16 fine art market segments, including digital coated papers, museum board, stationery, packaging and decorative papers.

"The newest division in Legion Paper is proofing, where complementary papers are already being procured," says Joshua Levine, CEO, Legion Paper. "It was therefore a natural progression for us to work with CMA, who is already dealing with a number of inkjet papers. Our expertise in the paper industry in North America, and ability to provide printers with a wide variety of proofing paper as well as various other consumables, immediately, is a major one-stop-shop advantage to the marketplace."

The partnership between CMA Imaging and Legion Paper further exposes companies that only use their machines to proof, to specialty applications within Legion's vast portfolio; further opening the door to new business opportunities.

"CMA is proud to partner with an organization as knowledgeable, and flexible, as Legion Paper," says Gerardo Cerros, President, CMA Imaging. "The team at Legion is well-versed in providing fine art-quality papers to the industry at large; so it was a natural step for us to partner with them in distributing these in-demand consumables.

Matchprint users can rest easy, knowing that distribution is firmly in place, to provide them with original Matchprint Inkjet Proofing Media and avoid any interruption in business. Once the Matchprint stock is depleted, users can seamlessly switch to drop in papers.


Proofing media, such as Matchprint, and a variety of specialty solutions from CMA; are commercially available in North America through its partnership with Legion Paper. Legion Paper conveniently offers two shipping locations -- one location on each coast -- to serve the needs of printers nationwide. Visit to order direct, or contact local dealers.

CMA Making Major Moves

This partnership agreement is the latest major move from CMA, which just announced that its Contract Proofing System is the first to be certified to GRACoL 2013 with M1 Measurement in the IDEAlliance Proofing System Certification Program. The M series of measurement illumination conditions, defined by the ISO and CGATS, allows color management of Optical Brightening Agents used in substrates to be refined to an unprecedented degree.