Gilman Brothers Co

The Gilman Brothers Company and Larson-Juhl Form Industry Alliance

The Gilman Brothers Company and Larson-Juhl recently met to discuss product development and industry distribution. With their recent launch of the low temperature, permanent adhesive, heat activated MountCor® family of foamboards, Gilman has listened to the market and delivered a patent pending technology based product line resulting in a universal board compatible for all mount presses and roll laminators. This eliminates historical variables such as temperature and speed, allowing those elements to be removed from the mounting equation. Larson-Juhl has seen the value in the new product and signed with The Gilman Brothers Company to market the new foamboard line to the framing industry. "I am very impressed by the manufacturing capability and product innovation from Gilman. We are very excited for what this alliance will mean for our customers," says Dave Calhoun, President, North America, of Atlanta-based Larson-Juhl. "Looking at the Larson-Juhl business model, we share a joint vision to increase product launch and speed of delivery to our customers with new and innovative products. This alliance is a perfect fit," says Cyrus Gilman, Vice President, The Gilman Brothers Company.

"There is an incredible story unfolding here, two USA based companies working together, both having primary raw materials sourced and manufactured in the USA, who create and market products sold both domestically and internationally is a real source of growth to the industry. Just think of the families affected positively by this alliance, it's very exciting," says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales, The Gilman Brothers Company.