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Oce PlotWave 300 system

Oce, an international leader in digital document management, is demonstrating its latest advancements in large format printing equipment and productive workflow and application software in Booth #709 at the International Reprographic Association (IRgA) 2009 Annual Conference and Trade Show, April 29-May 1 in Pittsburgh. These solutions are geared toward helping reprographers expand their business opportunities, improve operational efficiencies and grow market share in today?s challenging environment.

The IRgA show is the North American debut of the Oce PlotWave 300 system — a compact, all-in-one, large format monochrome print/copy/scan system that is ideal for enabling facilities management providers and equipment resellers to capitalize on the growing trend of decentralized printing. The system's simple operation, energy efficiency, and durable design meet the needs of lower volume workgroup printing environments.

"Today's economic climate presents reprographers with a real challenge. They must expand their business offerings into the growing markets of display graphics applications and technical documents in color to compensate for reductions in traditional revenue sources, improve operational efficiencies, adapt to changing customer demands, and support eco-friendly processes - all the while keeping profitability and ROI performance in mind," said Sal Sheikh, Vice President, Marketing, Oce Wide Format Printing division of Oce North America. "The many new Oce products on display at IRgA underscore our commitment to the success of our reprographic customers. Oce solutions put speed, quality, productivity enhancements, and sustainability-minded operations directly in our customers' hands, enabling them to expand their businesses in a profitable way."

Also showcased will be ways for reprographers to grow technical color print volumes, capture new display graphics and retail point-of-sale (POS) signage revenues, offer sustainable print solutions and maximize central and decentralized print volumes. This includes displaying a comprehensive range of Oce's most successful, industry-leading systems, such as the revolutionary Oce ColorWave 600 printer, Oce CS2236 color inkjet plotter, Oce TCS500 color inkjet printer with the Oce TC4 scanner, the Oce Arizona 350GT UV curable flatbed printer with White Ink Option, and the new Oce ProCut digital cutting solution that streamlines display graphics workflow from prepress through finishing. Oce will also demonstrate the power of intuitive, integrated print management systems with its Oce Repro Desk family of software including Oce Repro Desk Professional, new Oce Repro Desk Studio, and Oce Client Tools. The new Posterizer integrated retail signage solution from Oce provides reprographers with a comprehensive, intuitive and cost-effective tool to create customized, promotional in-store signage for their local retailers.

Recognizing the unique needs of users in lower volume environments, Oce introduces the next wave of simple, environmentally sustainable, durable imaging in a new monochrome multifunction print/copy/scan system.

Oce PlotWave 300 System This compact, all-in-one large format system makes it simpler and less time-consuming for users to print, copy and scan low volumes of technical documents. The Oce PlotWave 300 system is ideally configured to enable reprographers to address the trend of decentralized printing among their architectural, engineering and construction clients. Decentralized print users require ease of use, energy efficiency, a quiet operation, instant print-ready functionality, and the ability to withstand the workload of multiple users. The Oce PlotWave 300 system utilizes patented Oce Radiant Fusing technology to provide the most efficient way to fuse toner onto paper. The system starts up instantly, uses half the energy of comparable systems, makes no noise when idling and produces virtually no ozone emissions.

Ideal for users with limited space, the Oce PlotWave 300 system does not need extra tables, paper racks or ventilation so it can easily fit into tiny spaces. Designed with simplicity in mind, the system includes features such as a built-in USB port for printing and scanning right from the printer, the ability to scan-to-file in both monochrome and color, an output delivery tray on the top of the machine, air separation to prevent prints from curling, and a scroll and click panel and smart buttons that makes it easy to use for both experienced and new walk-up users. The system is constructed of solid, hard wearing materials that are designed to make it last longer than comparable systems — perfect for reprographers looking to keep equipment costs in check.

From very low volume to mid/high volume, the wide range of Oce large format color printing systems are designed to deliver top speed, efficiency and convenience while helping reprographers grow the most profitable part of their business.

Oce ColorWave 600 printer

The Oce ColorWave 600 printer is the world's first wide format Oce TonerPearls color printer based on Oce CrystalPoint technology. This unique technology combines the best of toner and inkjet printing in one clean and sustainable system. Print speed of the Oce ColorWave 600 printer is at least twice as fast as conventional inkjet systems. Prints dry instantly and are water-fast for outdoor use, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. With the Oce ColorWave 600 printer, there is no longer a significant difference between color and black & white output when it comes to productivity and print quality. Plus the printer produces no ozone, odor or fine powder emissions.

Designed for the technical document printing market, the Oce ColorWave 600 printer can also be used to produce short-term display graphics applications such as disposable point-of-purchase displays and architectural project presentations. With an impressive print speed of two E-size sheets per minute, the Oce ColorWave 600 printer delivers high quality color prints on lower cost uncoated and recycled media. To address specific graphics applications, a range of specialty media including blue back papers, outdoor papers, films and Tyvek are available. For these graphics applications, Oce offers ONYX workflow software to help reprographers optimize their color workflow and create new business opportunities.

The Oce ColorWave 600 printer recently received a 4.5 star outstanding evaluation from BERTL as well as the BERTL's Best 2008 Award for best innovative and new technology wide format printer.

Oce TCS500 with Oce TC4 Scanner

The Oce TCS500 large format multifunction system harnesses the power of concurrent processing, printing, copying and scanning to make it the most productive CAD and GIS large format color inkjet system on the market. Highly intuitive, Oce's Dynamic Switching technology automatically optimizes print speed and print quality when printing lines, text and images in the same document — making it a great choice for printing detailed CAD drawings and complex GIS and technical files.

The Oce TCS500 multifunction system uses the Oce TC4 large format color scanner, which delivers scan speeds of 13 to 16.4 linear feet per minute, 600 dpi resolution, Oce Direct Scan technology for consistent results over long periods of operation, and Oce Image Logic technology for automatic, intelligent image processing that actually enhances the quality of scanned images for the highest level of quality of copied and scan-to-file documents. With the optional Oce Multi-Printer Connectivity Kit, a single Oce TC4 scanner can drive up to three printers.

Oce CS2236 inkjet color plotter

This entry-level, thermal inkjet color plotter is designed for users in very low volume environments who demand high quality 2400 x 1200 dpi printing of their technical color applications — line drawings, renderings, GIS aerials — and business/consumer graphics. Oce predefined settings provide the user with one-touch printing and right-the-first-time results.

ONYX CAD-Pro v7 RIP software is included in the standard plotter configuration delivering a single hot folder for each print quality mode with automatic file recognition for true "drag and drop" capability of HPGL, HPGL(2) and HPRTL files. An upgrade to ONYX GraphicsPro software adds the ability to output Adobe PostScript and raster files directly to the plotter.

Oce Arizona 350 GT UV curable flatbed printer

The Oce Arizona 350 GT printer is the next generation model in the award-winning Oce Arizona printer line. It includes a White Ink Option that can be added at the factory or in the field. The White Ink Option expands the application flexibility of the printer by enabling under-printing on non-white media or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media and printing white as a spot color. The printer uses UV curable inks and Oce VariaDot imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality for nearly any application. Designed as a true flatbed system, it can print on a wide variety of rigid substrates and features a Roll Media Option for printing onto flexible media.

Oce ProCut Digital Cutting Solutions

The Oce streamlined workflow concept combines the application flexibility of the Oce Arizona printers with the productivity of a complete digital workflow with automatic cutting and trimming of rigid or flexible media. The new Oce ProCut system reduces labor and materials costs in the finishing stage while enabling reprographers to maintain high productivity levels and increase profit margins. It also opens the door to new business opportunities as users can offer a wider range of services to their clients.

The Oce ProCut solutions include a range of Oce ProCut Digital Cutting Tables to automate cutting operations, Oce ProCut Software for preparing the cut data in a seamless workflow, and expert pre- and post-installation service and support.

These automated finishing systems meet the new challenges for today's digital print providers, including optimizing basic trimming tasks for rigid substrates such as hard and soft foam board, plastic material, acrylic and styrene, and flexible media including paper, film, vinyl and fabric. They can also be used to finish more complex jobs such as contour-cut point-of-purchase displays, production-quantity decals, and structural projects.

Innovative Software Solutions Provide Productivity "On Demand"

As an end-to-end solution provider, Oce is committed to providing integrated software applications that streamline digital workflow and deliver optimized document management and distribution solutions for their reprographic customers.

Oce Repro Desk Studio and Oce Repro Desk Professional Print Management Software

Oce is showing an innovative entry-level wide format software package, Oce Repro Desk Studio software, for the first time at IRgA. This software gives end-users an easy-to-use tool to print to their in-house print devices, or even to an external reprographer, all with the same, clear user interface. Oce Repro Desk Studio software eliminates complexity and reduces time spent on print jobs. Integrated accounting allows jobs to be assigned to users and projects, turning print costs into chargeable income. The accounting features of Oce Repro Desk Studio software have been co-developed with Sepialine, an industry leader in cost tracking and recovery technology for service professionals and their providers. Oce Repro Desk Studio is part of the Oce Repro Desk software family of end-to-end print management solutions.

Also being demonstrated is the highly productive Oce Repro Desk Professional software. This platform of professional print automation software connects a CAD designer's desktop to a reprographer's digital print room for a true end-to-end digital workflow. It helps reprographers and their customers improve digital job submission, central shop workflow and print-ready file management. The job submission process for reprographic customers is made extremely easy with Oce Client Tools—software, which enables clients to create pre-proofed, print-ready print jobs directly from their native applications. With Direct Transfer, a reprographer's customer can print what they want where they need to by selecting the print location closest to their point of need. Once the job is received at the print shop, Oce Repro Desk Professional has a number of tools to help reprographers centralize and streamline job management as well as control print traffic across multiple workstations and devices.

Posterizer Integrated Signage Solution

A truly new way for reprographers to expand their business offerings, Posterizer from Oce is a complete retail signage solution that includes software, hardware, consumables and services. Reprographers can help a variety of users, including retail merchandising departments, retail chain stores and manufacturers that create signage for retail partners, to boost sales and increase profits with a comprehensive, intuitive and cost-effective tool for customized in-store signage that supports consistent branding initiatives and drives customers' attention at the point-of-sale. The solution also delivers significant advantages such as cost control, real-time accuracy, just-in-time flexibility and brand management. Consultative services from Oce ensure a comprehensive integration plan to facilitate seamless implementation, and ongoing training and consultation keeps the solution running and drives maximum ROI. When combined with the Oce ColorWave 600 printer, reprographers can offer mass market retailers an opportunity to rapidly produce high quality color signage without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Helping Reprographers Grow the Most Profitable Part of Their Business

Extending its presence at IRgA, Oce will present an executive-level educational seminar that explores how reprographers can sell the value of color beyond the design phase and start increasing profits. "Be a Market Maker — How to Grow Your Technical Color Volume in AEC", Thursday, April 30, 9:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.: Peter Lawrence, Product Manager Oce Wide Format Printing Systems, will discuss how reprographers can successfully convert a percentage of their black-and-white CAD volumes to high-margin color. This includes an overview of emerging technologies that are driving color adoption — such as BIM and IPD — and a discussion of how to overcome perceived barriers to color adoption.

Product Availability

With the exception of Posterizer and Oce Repro Desk Studio software, all systems and solutions are available now.