pdfaPilot 1.3

callas software GmbH today announces the availability of version 1.3 of its pdfaPilot. The software includes all functions for testing and validation as well as proofing and conversion of existing PDF files to PDF/A. With the new version, both defective and corrupt PDF files can now be repaired. In addition, the version includes many additional capabilities for converting any kind of PDF files to PDF/A.
callas sofware, including new pdfaPilot 1.3, is available in North America through Tools4Media and its distribution.
The pdfaPilot is offered in different versions: As a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, it is especially suited for users who need to quickly check whether existing PDF files can be archived in PDF/A format.
The Server Edition can be smoothly integrated in existing workflows. For integration in other applications, libraries for all relevant platforms, such as Windows, Unix or Linux are available.

The pdfaPilot is a powerful tool that companies and public authorities can use to successfully implement their archiving strategy according to the ISO standard PDF/A. The software provides all the functions necessary for this purpose. It checks PDF files for conformance with the PDF/A standard and if needed, converts them before archiving. The validation is based on the same technology that Adobe licensed from callas for the Preflight module in Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional and fully supports the specifications of the Isartor Test Suite of the PDF/A Competence Center. Users are thus assured that their PDF/A file actually conforms to the ISO standard. All document types appearing in day-to-day business, such as documents from Office programs, interactive forms, presentations, design drawings and publications such as newspapers, magazines and books can be archived for a long time in readable format, while the layout of the files is fully preserved. The software performs corrections, e.g. embedding of fonts, automatically. Clear reports and understandable explanations simplify your work with the pdfaPilot.

Olaf Drümmer, CEO of callas software, summarizes: "The pdfaPilot offers the user all the functions for building a long-lasting archive based on a single file format. Through strict compliance with the PDF/A standard, companies and public administrations can minimize risks when archiving electronic documents. The documents remain legible over years - regardless of the application in which they were first created."

About pdfaPilot version 1.3:


Creates reliable PDF files that are in accordance with the PDF/A standard for archiving. Uses the same validation technology that is used in the Preflight function of Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional. Extensive analysis and validation of PDF files according to PDF/A (ISO standard 19005-1:2005).


Saves huge amounts of time by analyzing, correcting and converting existing PDF files to PDF/A within a few seconds. Can be used immediately, as no training is necessary due to the clear, intuitive user interface.


Saves integration efforts due to its easy integration interface for command line or programming integration using the SDK.


High convenience for the user thanks to clear and reliable information on PDF/A conformity, easily understandable instructions and detailed explanations. Operation at the touch of a few buttons.


High level of productivity because of its automatic handling of files.


Key Features


Checks PDFs for compliance to the PDF/A-1 standard (ISO 19005-1)


Converts PDF files according to PDF/A-1 and implements all necessary corrections


Supports both levels of conformity (PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-1a)


Embeds and/or replaces missing fonts


Optimizes all color data for compliance to the PDF/A-1 standard


Adapts comments and form fields to the defaults of the PDF/A-1 standard


Removes unwanted attributes such as layers


Adapts image compressions to the PDF/A-1 specifications


Brings document information in line with PDF/A-1 specifications


Saves newer PDF versions as PDF 1.4 and later (specified by PDF/A-1)


Implements all adjustments and corrections without loss of information


Delivers clear reports to document all test and correction procedures


Available in German, English, Spanish, Italian and French language versions


callas software, established in Berlin in 1995, specializes in software solutions for document management, archiving and print production. Plug-ins, applications and PDF technologies from callas take care of the output, checking and correction of files, they convert colors and embed fonts. All products from callas follow one objective: To automate and to standardize the output process, to prevent errors andto increase productivity.

Customers especially include prepress companies, book, magazine and newspaper publishers, advertising agencies and printers, and also companies from the packaging industry and in-house publishing departments of industrial companies and public authorities. These include the Cornelsen-Verlag, the advertising agency Springer & Jacoby, the print and digital company Konradin Druck and the Swiss Media Group Ringier.

The company is founder member of the PDF/A Competence Center and also member of the DOXNET - the Document X-perts Network e.V. and the VOI- Verband Organisations- und Informationssysteme e.V.

Olaf Drümmer, CEO of callas software, has been working in the print publishing and document management industry since 1990 and is regarded as an internationally acknowledged expert for PDF and color management. He has played a crucial role within ISO in the standardization of PDF/X and PDF/A. For more info, go to http://www.callassoftware.com.

For more information in North America visit: http://www.Tools4Media.com