ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH

ColorGATE Version 7

ColorGATE has released Version 7, the new generation of its RIP software solutions. The completely revised portfolio line-up offers a considerable increase in terms of performance and productivity.

The new X-Line allows for smooth PDF workflow through the integration of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 (APPE 2.5) as an additional renderer In combination with the newly introduced Output Management Sets, the innovative Flex-Line product solutions allow a product configuration that can be customized even more exactly to meet specific needs Significant increases in performance and up to 30 percent more favorable conditions for virtually all the "traditional" product variants; attractive multi license model for all Flex-Line products The new Profiler Suite with high-performance modules for professional color management and a price discount of more than 30 percent CG Ready4Print – a particularly convenient online service for suitability checks, correction and preparation of ready-for-print PDF data

ColorGATE X-Line: Smooth PDF workflow with Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 (APPE 2.5)

Extremely interesting for all print services providers with a focus on processing PDF data: the integration of the new Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 (APPE 2.5) as an additional renderer allows the exact reproduction of even highly complex transparency and shadow effects and also provides considerably enhanced productivity and efficiency.

The strict data separation between contents (PDF) and process (JDF) enables highly automated, time-saving workflows.

Effective immediately, APPE 2.5 is included in the PS7 Business X, PS7 Pro X, PS7 Ultimate X, PS7 Campaign Printing X, PS7 Campaign Printing Flex and PS7 Graphic Arts Flex Productionserver variants and, with the exception of the Filmgate and Plategate solutions, optionally available for all Version-7 variants.

Productionserver 7 Business X: The professional solution for the small production environment

As an addition to the new ColorGATE X-Line, PS7 Business X is of particular interest to all print services providers who process demanding, complex jobs on exactly one large-format printer. The attractive price of less than € 3000 (net) for the seamless integration of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 as an additional renderer makes your purchasing decision easy. Additional arguments are the perfect coordination with the other functions that come included with the solution and the option of modular expansion at any time, by adding more printers, for example.

ColorGATE Flex-Line: What you buy is what you need

The unique configuration concept of the innovative Flex-Line makes it possible to perfectly adapt the RIP software to the individual production environment. Regardless of the number and type of digital and offset printers, color copiers or print-and-cut systems used: the Flex concept is the guarantee for a solution that's always optimal at a particularly attractive price.

The conditions are even better for the purchase of multiple licenses; and if you also book the Value Pack, you can take advantage of a 50-percent discount for the second and each following license even over the entire contract period of the Value Pack.

With the release of Version 7, the ColorGATE Flex-Line now includes the following high-performance products:

PS7 Graphic Arts Flex, a solution specially designed to handle the most demanding graphic art projects with high-quality tools for production based on such international standards as ISO and FOGRA. The recommended net price for PS7 Graphic Arts Flex is € 2400.

PS7 Campaign Printing Flex, the variant equipped with superior functionalities specially designed for standardized production in mixed environments for any number of output systems. The recommended net price for PS7 Campaign Printing Flex is € 3900.

Configuration perfectly designed to meet your needs: the new Output Management Sets

The new Output Management Sets (OMS) enable the optimal configuration of any production environment and number of printers, including smooth PDF workflow thanks to the integration of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 (APPE 2.5).

Users can now choose the best combination of queues, RIP processes, ink savers and printer drivers for their own production environments from among more than 20 differently compiled OMS – and profit from considerable price discounts compared to the individual list prices.

Of course, the OMS are available for all Version 7 Productionserver, Photogate and Proofgate variants.

Multi-license model for Flex-Line products

ColorGATE offers a healthy 50 percent discount for each following license purchased together with the first product license in Version 7. And if you also book the Value Pack, you can take advantage of a 50-percent discount for the second and each following license even over the entire contract period of the Value Pack: this is sure to make investment decisions easier in the future. The new multi-license model will first be available exclusively for the Flex-Line products.

Greater performance – and attractive price discounts up to more than 30 percent

Important modules are now already standardly included in all Productionserver variants. The Cost Calculation CCM and Quality Assurance QAM modules introduced with Version 6 are now standard features in Version 7 for most of the ColorGATE product solutions. In other words: starting immediately, you get greater performance at a lower price!

For example: Productionserver Select, the affordable RIP software for in-house and corporate users, now includes the high-quality Rip-while-Print and Color Correction modules as standard features in Version 7 – the recommended net price is a sensational 32 percent less than the previous version.

New: Profiler Suite for superior color management

The Profiler Suite, which becomes available with the start of Version 7, bundles the five powerful Profiler PFM, Multicolor Profiler MCPFM, Device Link Profiler DLPFM, Express Profiler EPFM and Reference Profiler RPFM modules to enable highly professional color management – at a price that is more than 30 percent lower compared to the individual net price recommendations.

CG Ready4Print – exclusive data optimization for large-format printing

Parallel to Version 7, ColorGATE also announces an innovative online service: CG Ready4Print, the world's first service of this kind for the LFP sector from the workflow specialists Ready4print, licensed for ColorGATE, is a particularly convenient, reliable and attractively priced solution for suitability checks, correction and preparation of PDF printing data to meet the respective requirements – likely the most important prerequisite for consistent, automated production. Such typical DTP sins as missing trim or wrongly placed trim boxes are already detected and immediately corrected with the delivery of the data. Special highlight: with Ready4Print, the print services provider has mobile access to all the important job data at any time – even via Smartphone and Tablet.