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Implementing Full-Service Intelligent Mail Book

Window Book, Inc. is pleased to announce their publication of a new book titled, Implementing Full-Service Intelligent Mail, which is dedicated to First-Class mailers.  In anticipation of the obstacles they may face during their transitional period to Full-Service Intelligent Mail, this book addresses specific challenges as well as solutions available to them from the mailing industry including Window Book and Whittier Mailing Products.

Here is a look at the Table of Contents from Window Book’s newly published book:

Forward          iii

The Challenge of Full-Service Intelligent Mail           5

Specific Challenges and Solutions      13

Presort Software Users           13

Printing Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb’s) on inkjet printers            13

Assigning Full-Service Compliant Intelligent Mail Barcode Numbers          14

Manifesting Challenges          17

Spoilage Issues with eDocs    18

Managing eDoc Submissions  21

Documenting Overflow Trays            24

Including Pallets in eDocs      25

CSA Palletization       27

Challenges Unique to MLOCR Users            29

Associating Physical Trays and Pallets to Logical Trays and Pallets 31

Challenges Common to both MLOCR and Presort Software Users  32

eDocs Related Challenges      32

Copalletization            35

Dealing with Impact of Postalone! Transportation Management System (TMS)       37

Dealing with the Needs of Continuous Mailers         39

By/For Identification  40

Optimizing Presort Discounts 41

Unlocking the Value of Full-Service Intelligent Mail            43

What are Your Challenges?    44

Get a copy of Implementing Full-Service Intelligent Mail:

For those who are interested in getting a copy of this valuable book, please call 800-524-0380 or email

“In the  two-plus decades that I have worked with the mailing supply chain, no other USPS regulatory change has been as ambitious or challenging for so many to implement. AND, each segment in the mailing industry has different challenges!” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s Founder and CEO.  “Window Book has always been on the leading edge of educating business mailers about the latest postal trends and how they can comply with new requirements to achieve their corporate business goals.  I am certain that all First-Class mailers will find this book very valuable and resourceful during their implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail,” added Peoples.

This is the first of a series of books that describe the challenges of implementing the U.S. Postal Service’s Full-Service Intelligent Mail program and provides insight into how to overcome these challenges.  Mailers of Standard, Periodicals, and Bound Printed Matter mail will face different challenges during the Full-Service transitional period as well, and Window Book plans to publish future books in this series that address challenges and solutions for those environments.