Label Works, A Navitor Company

FasTurn Labels


Our FasTurn labels have a production time of just 24 hours!  Available in a wide variety of sizes on 24 stocks in 1, 2, 3 or full color process - we will find the label that fits your needs!



-       Most requested shape.

-       Multi-purpose label for all types of branding, messaging, and packaging.

-       Design your label horizontally or vertically to maximize your message space.

-       Commonly used in the food and beverage industries.

-       Great for medical charts, visitor badges, barcode labels and so much more.


Circles & Bursts:

-       Commonly used as pricing stickers.

-       Great for product labels.

-       Show support for a cause or organization.

-       Ideal for call-outs or action items.

-       Add eye appeal by using curved copy.



-       A classic shape that lends a sense of style to any design.

-       Commonly used shape by bakeries, jewelers, and boutiques.

-       Add impact by using as a vertical label.

-       Excellent alternative to a circle for packaging seals.



-       Multi-purpose shape great for adding a modern twist to your label.

-       Create impact by angling or creating a border with your text.

-       Timeless shape often used for retail, personalized, and advertising labels.


Square Cut:

-       Stands out against the competition as an economical answer for non-standard sizes.

-       Labels provided on rolls unless otherwise specified.

-       Labels are “butted” up next to each other without gap.

-       Artwork and type must stop 1/8” from all edges.


Special Shapes:

-       Great for recognition and awareness programs.

-       Advertise milestone anniversaries.

-       Eye catching shapes provide a stronger shelf presence.


Foil Stamped or Blind Embossed:

-       Add elegance and sophistication with foil or embossed labels.

-       Price includes on standard foil imprint or blind embossed imprint.

-       Foil and embossed combination available.

-       Labels will be provided on roll; for individual labels, please call for pricing.

-       Reverses are not recommended.

-       For best quality, we recommend at least 3 pt thickness on fonts, borders and fine lines.

-       Great for artisian and fine crafted products.

-       Adds value and integrity, such as an official seal.

-       Creates a “wow” factor that commands attention.