PIASC: Print is...A Team Player

What you need to know about how small businesses are integrating traditional and digital marketing methods to create effective marketing campaigns: • Combination Approach is Ideal: 76% of small businesses state that their ideal marketing mix is a combination of traditional and digital communications. • Advertising and Direct Mail are Important Tools: While 68% of small businesses use email most often, 60% rely most heavily on advertising, followed by social media (50%), and direct mail (44%). • Print is Getting Results: Which channels do small business owners find most effective in terms of response rates, purchases and more? Advertising (43%), email (38%) and direct mail (36%). • QR Use is Growing: Nearly 50% of small businesses are using Quick Response (QR) codes in their marketing mix. 45% are using QR codes on their business cards and 44% on their direct mail advertising. http://www.ChoosePrint.org