Oce launches portfolio for technical document systems

On the 8th of February 2012 Océ announced the launch of the new portfolio for technical document systems. A complete range of new systems and services is being introduced to help technical users take advantage of advances in technical document printing.

Océ PlotWave 350 for mobile printing flexibility.
Océ ColorWave 650 for productive black & white and color printing in one.
Océ PlotWave 900 the fastest monochrome printer for high production printing.
Eneo document distribution web service.
Océ RecycledWhiteZero carbon neutral paper for wide format printing.

"We are seeing a shift in the technical market as companies face the challenges of remaining competitive in the current economic climate. We developed this new portfolio to address the practical needs of technical users. They are looking for more productivity and flexibility in using their systems. They also want to waste as little time and energy as possible. Our new portfolio offers ways for every company to get more out of their equipment investment."
- Erik van Eldik, Océ Vice President, Technical Document Systems