The EVOC Indestructible Billboard

To showcase the durability of its product the EVOC wanted to come up with a campaign that generated high levels of engagement with passers-by. It appointed ad agency Publicis Munich to conjure up an interactive campaign supported by social media channels.

The outcome was an 'indestructible billboard' at the center of which was an EVOC backpack. The backpack was attached to a bus shelter at the busy Breitscheidplatz, Budapester Stra├če, in Berlin. Shoppers and commuters were then invited to test the bag's shock absorbing qualities by punching, kicking or slamming themselves into the ad. The bag was fitted with a device that measured the amount of force asserted by the user. It then posted a photo of the user along with their score on a specially created Facebook page. Participants were also encouraged to share their result on Facebook generating further promotion for the campaign.