JCDecaux Norway - The Amazing Spiderman - Innovate

Spiderman has built up a huge fan base over the years and JCDecaux Norway wanted to do something special for them before the release of the new film. The objective was to show them that "Spiderman has arrived in town". In order to do so, possible scenes from the movie were created. Giving the impression that Spiderman had been there.

The innovate campaign had three installations:
1: First one had a crashed car and a big spider cocoon with bad guys (dolls) from the movie trapped inside. The car was covered with spider web and a message on the side about the premiere. The logo was also printed on the ground, at the centre of the installation.
2: One of our towers was stripped and trapped a bad guy (a doll) inside. The Spiderman logo was also printed on aluminium and put inside as a signature from Spiderman himself. At the top of the tower there was information about the premiere.
3: A bus shelter was covered with spider web. One bad guy was trapped on the roof. The Spiderman logo was inside the Eurosize, all covered with spider web, and as a final signature the Spiderman logo was printed on to the ground.