JCDecaux MTR Advertising - Maxim's Snowy Mooncake Strews "Chewy Bites of Love" in MTR Station

Maxim's creatively leverages MTR Advertising platform to fill up MTR Causeway Bay Station with "chewy bites of love". Developed by Maxim's and Maxus Hong Kong, a specially built camera with kinectic sensor embedded is used to capture the "chewy" moment of MTR commuters and celebrate the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival. By being sensored by the kinect, passers-by can create their unique mooncakes with their own faces by flapping a virtual mooncake mold. The participants will also receive a Maxim's $10 Snowy Mooncake coupon after their mooncakes are made. Go create your own chewy "mooncake" and share with your loved ones now!