E+D International boosts productivity with HP Designjet large-format printing solutions

E+D makes productivity leap with HP Designjet T520 ePrinter and HP Designjet ePrint & Share

• Improve productivity to match pace of growth in Chinese market.
• Take on more projects in more locations with more agile response to clients.

• The HP Designjet T520 ePrinter with HP Designjet ePrint & Share improves workflow by reducing print times and allows access to remote workers.

• Improved access to print with HP Designjet ePrint & Share enables files to be printed from locations outside of the office via iPhone or iPad and stored to the Cloud.
• Consistent, high-quality printing of technical drawings, installation plans and site topography, which is ideal for clients.

"The nature of our work requires staff to be out of town or be at other work locations. Many of them work off iPads, with better screen resolution than smartphones. Through the use of HP Designjet Print & Share, customers can provide their feedback instantly. -- Ma Wenjie, designer, E+D International