callas pdfGoHTML

pdfGoHTML is a free Acrobat PlugIn, which immediately indicates whether or not the file is tagged and allows a one-button conversion into HTML in the default browser. Beside the view for the tagging structure, there are several other styles available which are designed to allow easier reading of documents not only for handicapped people, but also for non-impaired persons. For example, users can easily switch how the HTML is displayed to adjust it to their specific needs: browser default, structure tags, easy reader, inverted, low vision, and dyslexia. For those who need to evaluate the tagging quality of a PDF file, the ‘structure tags’ view in the exported HTML provides a very quick, intuitive quality analysis tool that shows where the tagging structure of a tagged PDF needs improvement. callas pdfGoHTML will substantially speed up the creation and evaluation of tagged PDFs, and ensures a much higher degree of usability of tagged PDF files.