Kathy Oneto Live Session - Inflection Point: Where Will 2013 Take Us?

Major events in 2012 laid the groundwork; we predict that 2013 will be a year defined by inflection points that will change how you do business. Learn about what is happening in our environment and with consumers and shoppers to shape the 2013 trends we expect to see. Kathy Oneto, Anthem Worldwide's Vice President of Brand Strategy, shares these insights in Inflection Point: Where Will 2013 Take Us?, an exclusive BrandSquare Live Session webinar.

Kathy Oneto will speak to these trends and more:

• The Hidden Costs of the Digital Age
• Innovation Ecosystems
• Smarter Health
• Minimalist Design
• Make It Simple
• Right Place, Right Price, Right Time
• Get to the Point Branding
• Fusion Culture
• Redefined Cultural Symbols
• Deeper Brand Relationships

Oneto's insights are inspired by the Vol. 4, 2012 issue of the quarterly Anthem Sightings trends report. Don't miss this important look into a future we share as marketers and global citizens. Download the full Sightings report at www.anthemww.com.