How one-to-one marketing drives results: an HP digital print cross-media case study

The challenge: imagine having access to over 12 million images and the ability to produce high-quality wall coverings. To showcase their incredible possibilities and impress top interior designers, fine art publishing company New Era let customer favorites design their campaign.

The strategy: they chose One-to-One Digital Solutions, the creative firm that integrates technologies to achieve the highest campaign ROI. Together, they created a cutting-edge, digital print, direct mail postcard campaign with dynamic personalized content promoting New Era's wallpaper and vast image library. Customers' individual postcards featured their favorite viewed image from New Era's image library presented as a floor-to-ceiling mural in a room setting. This cross media campaign contained personalized greetings and a personal URL linking to a free sample. Requiring high color quality and robust variable data challenges, New Era specifically chose HP's T300 Color Inkjet Web Press.

The results: over 6,000 custom postcards were created. Customer response rate of more than 4 percent exceeded all expectations. Personalization worked, driving 76 percent of dynamic group respondents to complete the online form, compared to a non-personalized approach of just 44 percent. The successful ROI and new insights on connecting with the customers helped New Era understand how one-to-one marketing techniques, relevant content to images and a stacked cross-media execution equals a higher customer engagement.