Behind the scenes with HP Designjet inventors and how they design with you

At the heart of every successful technology there is a customer story. Reasons why features are added, designs changed and next generation products introduced. But, you rarely hear about the product designers and how the latest tech came to be, from the first idea sketched to the intricate process of developing this idea into a new product.

Here you can, with a peek behind the scenes with HP Designjet's Research & Development team, the product designers and technologists who are constantly inventing, breaking ground into new technology and working directly with customers to create new HP Designjet large-format printers.

This video introduces you to HP Designjet inventors and tells the story of how they worked directly with customers to completely redesign HP Designjet large-format printing and deliver a better large-format printing experience. To develop the new HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinters, the inventors spent time with customers, picked their brains and even had them build their ideal printer from cardboard boxes. In fact, the new printers were closely modeled after the customers' cardboard box prototypes and the features they most wanted to see added to the next generation of HP large format printers.