Racing to the future: HP Indigo digital presses transforming print businesses

The print industry is changing. Businesses around the globe print trillions of graphic arts pages each year, and digital printing makes up a steadily increasing percentage of these pages. Applications such as marketing collateral, labels and packaging, and publishing pose significant page growth opportunities for digital printing. HP's end-to-end digital printing solutions help customers tap into these applications and target high value pages. As analog printing continues to shift to digital presses, these target markets are projected to grow steadily.

Darrell Friesen, co-founder and president of Jet Label, and Gary Peeling, managing director of Precision Printing, share their experiences as HP Indigo customers and how this market-leading digital press technology has transformed their organizations. Both companies built thriving digital print businesses by combining initiative with HP technology, but in different market sectors - one in label and packaging manufacturing, one on general commercial printing and marketing collateral.

Jet Label is Western Canada's largest label manufacturer, offering a complete selection of stocked and customizable labels, tape and tags in all major industries such as agriculture, airline, chemical, forestry, food processing, general warehouse, grocery, and pharmacy.

Precision Printing's reliable and innovative approach combined with its investment in state-of-the-art technology equips the company to provide leading edge, high quality printing. 45 years' experience of providing highly professional managed print services enables Precision Printing to deliver an improved ROI on marketing communications to business clients, both large and small.

This video was recorded at Dscoop8, Dscoop's Annual Conference in 2013. Founded in 2005, Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is an independent global community of graphic arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Indigo and Scitex equipment and related solutions. Dscoop is focused on educating and connecting its members with each other and with HP to improve members' business growth, efficiency and profitability.