Preview PRINT13's Executive Outlook on September 7, 2013

Ralph Nappi, GASC President previews how pre-show Executive Outlook 2013 will take place at 12:00 noon- 6pm on Sept. 7 in McCormick Place and will discuss tactical and strategical methods of how to adapt and evolve across the media world.

Alain Beaulieu, from The Institute for Trend Research will present on "The Economy of Print," sharing a forecast on structural changes' impact on the size and strength of the printing industry for 2014.

Wayne Peterson, President of Black Canyon Consulting will present on "The Importance of 'brand' to your Printing Company" to create and sustain a competitive advantage by distilling your competitive strategy into a brand.

Joseph Truncale, President of NAPL will present on "M&A: What works and what doesn't," we will look at 4 major types of mergers and discuss the reasons mergers fail.

Hal Hinderliter, President of Hal Hinderliter of Hal Hinderliter Consulting will present on "Engaging Print," what can present print providers do to the to increase to cost effectiveness of ink on paper.

Chris Bondy, Professor Administrative Chair at RIT will present on "Rounding the Wheel..getting your technology right" will discuss technological innovation in the graphic arts industry

Steven Schnoll, Managing Director, Schnoll Media Consulting will present on "Rethinking Technology" to help companies translate technologies into revenue generating customer benefits with measurable results.

Jim Hamilton, from Infotrends will present "Functional Printing—what is it and why should I care? Where he discusses the digital deposition of materials to create products and why you should consider this.

Henry Freedman, Editor at Technology Watch will present "Constructing a Census of Production Color -- if your press went to school, what grade would it get?" where he will help you understand the tools used to measure and report a census of production color with examples of how results are applied.

Brad Taylor, Partner at Sun Dance Marketing Solutions will present on "Beating the Odds: Finding New Opportunities in the Printing Industry" he will discuss the transformation of businesses into a marketing service provider.

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Learn and help your business evolve into the future by attending Executive Outlook at PRINT 13!