Packaging that drives sales: Digital Print grows rapidly with short run label and package printing

Digital Print is the result of Grafica Villalba's plan to become a printing company. Three years ago we decided to create this project, to let it take shape as a digital product and we began to target a niche that was not being serviced; short print runs, high quality labels using the latest digital technology.

Digital Print views the packaging and label printing market as enormous, and has increased its market share thanks to the consistency and reliability of HP technology.

Martin Rodriguez, Director General, Digital Print - Grafica Villalba, says,
"HP is constantly improving its technology and machines. For example, we began with an HP Indigo 4500 Digital Press and we now have an HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press which has given us greater productivity, lower costs and better quality.

In comparison with flexography, digital technology has at least four big advantages; the ability to do short print runs at a much lower cost; the ability to deliver products faster; to have a much better print quality and the ability to customise. We do print runs ranging from 100 labels up to 50,000 or 100,000. The trend now is that companies need more and more displays even though the total amount of products is the same, which means that the print runs are getting even shorter.

The print color quality that we achieve on the HP Indigo Digital Press is similar to a commercial offset press. I feel that digital technology is growing significantly in comparison to analogue technology. Digital Print was set up to use digital print technology and we want to continue that. HP is the first choice for our future."