UnPodcast Episode 14:Marketing Smorgasbord

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we have a virtual marketing smorgasbord where we talk about a wide variety of topics, starting off with the things people say when they're about to be offensive. You know, things like, "My best friend is ______________" (fill in the blank with a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.).

We also discussed Black Friday, the craziest shopping day in the U.S. and employment laws regarding working on holidays.

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Other topics include:

How email is like passing a note to a friend
How behind the scenes actions become public
How bloggers who want free stuff give all bloggers a bad name
Laws related to telemarketers
When we stop liking virtual reality
A creepy form of marketing
Family first, product second
The worst thing you can do as a manager
How to build loyalty with your employees
The right way to take a stand for what you believe in
And so much more. . .