UnPodcast Episode 13: Hiring Best Practices

This episode of the UnPodcast is all about how to do a better job hiring people to work for your company, and that since the strongest part of your brand is the people representing it, proper hiring is the best marketing you can do for your company.

One of the best ways to hire the right people is to get to know people on social media before you actually need to do any hiring so that when the need arises, you already have candidates in mind.

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Other topics include:

The two types of job seekers
How tools for job searches have changed
The #1 tip for anyone looking for a job
Why hiring is not about hiring the best
Redundant things to leave off your resume
The best filtering to do when hiring
The most subjective thing in any business
The advantages of hiring someone who is currently unemployed
The job of an interviewer
Some of my hiring mistakes
Some of the dumbest interview questions
And so much more. . .