Office of the Future: Visions from HP Designjet collaborators

HP Designjet beta testers and architecture futurists shared their vision for the workplace of the future. Have you thought about what makes an office, an office? Is it the chair, the walls or the decoration? In looking at how we work today, here are some of the ideas they shared:

•         Cloud9: "A workplace is basically a smaller scale of how our industry is organized. The industry of construction is led by a team of people, like us. Not one, but many -- an army of dreamers."
•         SPAN Architecture & Design: "I imagine the workspace of the future to be more of... to behave more like an animal. So it's not a building, but a space that has sensors and perceives information and transports information to the user." 
•         Rojkind: "The workplace of the future will have to do a lot with the dynamics and everything that is happening right now. Flexible spaces that can become different things. It might not be a meeting room per se but can transform into a meeting room... a playground, into many things."

At the time of this filming, these architects and designers served as beta testers for HP Designjet ePrinters and HP Designjet ePrint & Share.