Crush Story: How Paper is Made from Oranges

Crush is an eco-friendly paper made by Favini replacing up to 15 percent of virgin tree pulp with seven natural raw materials: the process residues from citrus and kiwi fruits, corn, coffee, olives, hazelnuts and almonds. The video tells the life cycle of one of these materials, the citrus fruits!

Italy is one of the three largest producers of citrus fruits in the world (Italy, Israel and Spain) with 1.000.000 tons dedicated to the fruit juice industry. Squeezing produces 40 percent juice, 60 percent are the co-products, citrus pulp. These residues are reused and reworked by other industries to obtain several interesting raw materials; essences, bioethanol, tyres, pectin and so on. After these processes the residues, called depectinised citrus pulp are normally dried and compacted into pellets and used as fillers in animal food, fertilizers or burned to produce energy. Favini intervenes at this point in the chain, reinvigorating this as a valuable raw material in substitution of virgin tree pulp in paper production -- and it makes a wonderful range of papers which we have called Crush!