UnPodcast Episode 22: You Shouldn't Blog When. . .

On this episode of the UnPodcast. . .

Other topics include:
The most tasteless real estate ad ever [00:05:08.11]
Lululemon's back in the news and what Alison's doing about it [00:09:51.14]
When to walk away from buying particular products [00:15:03.02]
My conversation with Mitch Joel [00:15:36.19]
What makes brands inpenetrable [00:17:11.05]
The resale industry and when it's right or wrong to resell items[00:18:25.25]
The HUGE thing people in business don't like to think about [00:24:06.09]
Accountability for franchises [00:27:53.18]
Why business blogging isn't like a training bra [00:32:59.00]
How you should treat your business [00:35:34.04]
What makes a blog better [00:36:27.09]
The only decision-based form of digital media [00:39:36.04]
What you SHOULD blog about [00:40:54.20]
The race to be first, and why it's a bad idea [00:42:04.18]
What you should do when someone posts something on social media that is untrue [00:45:06.20]
And so much more. . .