GLS Accelerates its Digital Transformation

GLS has enjoyed the print quality, accurate color matching, reliability and substrate versatility of HP Indigo presses, including the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press. This made investing in the B2-format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press the perfect solution to extend its digital capabilities.

"The marketing strategies have really gone from what I'll call one-to-many, to one-to a few, to really one-to-one marketing strategies and that is the central driver as to how our company is transforming and shifting," says Jayme Wisely, GLS President and Chief Operating Officer. "Originally the conversation was how you can take your short run off of your sheet bed and you could move it onto the HP Indigo 10000 of the 7500, you can more effectively produce product using those presses because you don't have any of the make ready's and all of that, I actually think that strategy is, is not as strong as what we're trying to do, and really what we're trying to do is to help the marketers get more personal with their customers and you can't do that off of a [conventional or offset] sheet fed or a web press, and if we relate that to a project that we have just finished where we produced 2.2 million pieces that came off of our HP 10000 where every piece was uniquely defined and designed to the individual or the receiver of getting that information."

"We're in the middle of transforming our business, we're trying to get ahead of our customers are doing and trying in order to shape strategy and content, then be able to deliver the output to be able to meet that need."