UnPodcast Episode 23: Off the Rails of Kevin Bacon

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about a company that pays their employees 30% more than the national average, and their motivation for doing so. We also discussed the importance of respecting your time and the time of others you come in contact with, as well as what not to do when sending email.

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Other topics include:

How we get the word out about important information [00:05:39.12]
The difference between asking for feedback and running a contest [00:12:32.25]
Justifying paying people a living wage [00:18:34.10]
The best recruiting you can do for a company [00:19:39.03]
A way that companies can keep employees from getting bored [00:20:43.26]
How to increase empathy among employees [00:21:20.16]
How to be sure that your employees will treat your customers well [00:23:08.25]
The high cost of employee turnover [00:25:02.12]
Major email mishaps [00:26:04.22]
What you should do when you want to write an emotional email [00:35:41.07]
The two groups of people you need to make friends with at work [00:37:34.21]
How tax write offs work [00:41:12.10]
The problem with having your brain picked [00:43:35.08]
The importance of valuing your time [00:49:32.16]