Felipe Araujo & Daniel Pérez - Get Real by being fake

FESPA Global Summit 2014

Get Real by being fake.. with Interior Decoration 


Get Real -- Be Fake! - Catalonian Interior Designer Agency Egue y Seta will illustrate the current obsolescence of "real" finishes within the retail, hospitality & corporative interior design world, by questioning the suitability, their "material honesty", and the actual scope of their much overrated "tactile quality or appeal". A visual journey through recent projects will explore current market needs of durability and updating; as well as maintenance, safety and budget. Have real-traditional finishes been outlived and outvalued? Case studies and commented visual examples will demonstrate how large format printing has slowly become the answer to bridge the gap between expected high impact/performance and low budget/maintenance, by simulating traditional finishes; making them not merely alike but also more flexible, customizable and "brandable" but also, affordable, upgradeable, reusable, sustainable and maintainable.


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