Base3 conquers personalized interior decoration & branded environments with HP Latex

"With HP Latex Inks, not only are we able to differentiate our products and create new applications, we have also gained access to the lucrative interior decoration market."

-- Carla Bonini, managing director, Base3

• Offer a new and diverse range of innovative, high image-quality applications on a broad range of high quality substrates that customers will pay for beyond cost per printed square meter.
• Expand business into the lucrative interior decoration market by offering personalized decorations and branded environments in high traffic areas.
• Offer services and products with positive environmental credentials and certification for sensitive environments or to satisfy growing institutional/corporate environmental awareness.

• The HP Latex Printer offers high quality printing at production speed for outdoor/indoor applications.
• Flexibility and reliability of HP Latex Printing Technologies on HP Large Format substrates and high-quality third-party substrates, including Oracal®, Avery Dennison® and
Decoprint®, expands applications and opens the door to new business opportunities.
• Greenguard Children & Schools certified HP Latex Inks with the HP Latex Printer to create decorations for sensitive indoor locations.*

• Driving margins 10 -- 20 percent higher in personalized interior decoration market where customers recognize added value of HP Latex Inks that minimize disruption to business activities.
• Winning business contracts with 'latex' technology specified as a requisite, such as council contract for 66 bus wraps using latex technology.
• Establishing reputation as qualified corporate print service provider by satisfying growing number of requests for environmental credentials of business and processes.
• Greenguard Children & Schools certified HP Latex Inks offer peace of mind in sensitive indoor locations.
• Creating broad range of high-quality applications for Base3's current business segments, including outdoor and indoor durable output, thanks to the versatility of HP Latex
Printing Technologies.
• The use of water-based HP Latex Inks in the work environment helps to eliminate overheads related to special ventilation equipment.**

*HP PVC-free Wall Paper printed using HP Latex Inks is GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM (see and meets AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products.
**Special ventilation is not required to meet US OSHA requirements on occupational exposure to VOCs from HP Latex Inks. Special ventilation equipment installation is at the discretion of the customer -- no specific HP recommendation is intended. Customers should consult state and local requirements and regulations.