UnPodcast Episode 28:Why Crowdsourcing Matters

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked all about Crowdsourcing, and why we'd rather get our information regarding from "regular" people instead of professional foodies. We also talked about the issue of why some people go out of their way to put other people down. 

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Other topics include:

Why a collection of reviews (such as on Yelp) is valuable [00:08:07.21]
The most important part of crowdsourcing [00:09:59.21]
Why you can't trust the reviews from food sponsors [00:10:46.01]
Which food critics you should trust [00:11:25.08]
What all food experts should have to do [00:13:16.14]
The problem with magazines that make a point of shaming people [00:20:45:04]
Why taglines are meaningless [00:23:44.12]
When signing a release doesn't matter [00:24:28.13]
Why people enjoy seeing the failure of others [00:26:41.04]
The return of Moron Mountain [00:29:42.04]
How a company won my brother, Chris, over after a less than positive initial experience